A winning mix of a fun-loving team, unconventional ideas and great planning.

Trailblazers is an event management company established in 7th July 2007. Today, we are one of the most dynamic and progressive event company in Malaysia.

The Team

We are made out of a team with "great chemistry" resulting in uncanny sparks of inspiration every time we work together. That's why all our events are packed with fun in crazy proportions. Talk to us and you'll know what we mean.

Our Values

However, behind our great personality (ahem!) is a team that puts professionalism above all else. We hold an unwavering dedication and commitment to provide you with the best event management services every time.

Our Experience

To date, we've helped manage over 100 events, big and small, for companies from various industries. This valuable experience has helped us grow as a company and given us the expertise to provide our clients with more value-added services and events.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create exciting, entertaining and energetic events for the corporate world. To achieve this, we combine team synergy, strategic planning skills, time management and a "think out of the box" mentality.

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