Avast! There be treasure on that land!

Treasure hunts are great for building team spirit while everyone's having a blast. Here are five types of treasure hunts you can choose from.

Car Hunt

Step on the gas and accelerate your working relationships.

If you're into treasure hunting on wheels then this is your thing. There'll be 3 to 4 people to a team (and a car). One will be the designated navigator, who acts like a human GPS (Tip: a team mate with a good sense of direction would be ideal).

Car hunts can be held in the city for a day hunt, or outstation for an overnight hunt. Expect a nostalgic roadside journey where you'll pass through scenic villages, sandy beaches and historical attractions.

LRT Hunt

Jump on board and move your team in the right direction.

Want to try treasure hunting on trains? You'll be zipping from station to station, and switching trains to outrun your team mates. Along the way, you'll have to solve clues, crack puzzles within minutes, and even spot answers from a moving train!

Also, expect to familiarise yourself with the Putra LRT, Star LRT and KL Monorail. You'll never look at our local transport system again. Think Money Train.

Walk Hunt

Nothing like a shot of adrenaline to bring out your team's creative mojo.

As the name implies, you'll be making your way to the treasure on foot. Your hunt can take place in a maze-like housing estate, shopping mall or even in the midst of wildlife, at the zoo.

To make the hunt more challenging, pit stops can be added along the way, where hunters will need to perform physical tasks that require both brawns and brains.

Zoo Hunts

Don't be surprised if the hoots, snarls and growls aren't from the animals. Get your team talking.

Go treasure hunting in the midst of wildlife and the lush greenery of a tropical rainforest. Hunters will be given nature-themed questions as they trek through a trail to uncover clues.

The hunt will end in an open Savannah area, where the African wildlife roam free. A close encounter with nature should bring out your hunter's instinct. Now bring that to the business world.

Customized Hunt

The most exciting adventure crosses all terrains. And barriers.

Can't decide on which treasure hunt to have? Then customise your own hunt! You can combine a Car Hunt with 4x4 adventure. You'll hunt for treasure in the day time and go off-road on rougher terrains in the afternoon.

Or why not have a mix of all hunts in one? Try the Discovery Race that combines all travel modes - by foot, car, train, bus or taxi - you name it! And perform fun challenges along the way.

Click on the link to find out more about our version of discovery race.

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